About IPTA

The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia (IPTA) is the peak professional body representing Australian patent and trade mark attorneys.

With over 1,000 Members (of which over 500 are Fellows), IPTA aims to:

   Promote improvements in patent, trade mark, logo, design and plant breeder’s rights and regulations and lodge submissions.

   Maintain and establish by-laws and a code of ethics for patent and trade marks attorneys and other members.

•   Encourage communication between members, allowing them to exchange professional ideas and knowledge on patents, trade marks and plant breeder’s rights issues, and to gather and disseminate professional knowledge.

   Help settle disputes between IPTA practitioners, and between practitioners and clients.

   For intellectual property (IP) creators and users, IPTA offers qualified professional attorneys, abiding by a Code of Ethics, with links to colleagues overseas who can help with international registration of patents and trademarks.

   For Members, IPTA offers continuing professional development to the highest standards, and helps settle disputes between attorneys, and between attorneys and their clients.

   For the IP creators and users, IPTA is able to refer you to its members, who strive to offer the highest level of professional advice on all matters relating to patents, trade marks and training for patent and trade marks attorneys.

   For the media IPTA provides an independent, one-stop location for information and comment on patents and trade marks, on the Institute itself, issues relating to international patents and trade marks and the effects of free trade agreements on Australian patents and trade marks.


IPTA drives excellence in IP practice, and actively promotes improvements in IP laws and policies; representing and supporting members and the innovation community.