The objective of the Annual Conference & Events Committee is to ensure that the IPTA conference is the pre-eminent educational event for the Patent Attorney profession in Australia with international recognition.

The Annual Conference Committee members are collectively charged with planning and management of the Annual Conference including the following:

•   Develop an agenda for the annual conference that is timely, promotes dialogue, and enhances the knowledge of the membership

•   Represent IPTA’s membership and provide ideas about what the members want to know and learn at the Annual Conference.

•   Generate ways to add value and appeal to the Annual Conference to encourage the highest possible conference attendance (Minimum: 200 attendees) having special regard to:

•   participation by YIPTA members; and

•   participation by all demographics of the profession.

•   Secure presenters, moderators, facilities and equipment necessary to support general meetings and training sessions for the conference.

•   Secure volunteers to chair the conference subsidiary committees currently including small practice, commercialisation and YIPTA committees.

•   Inform the membership of the date, time, location, and expense of the annual conference and promote attendance through electronic media, pre-registration materials and individual mailings.

•   Develop a budget and conference fees, which must be approved by the IPTA Council, with the object of delivering breakeven performance.


The goals of the Annual Conference & Events Committee Committee are to:

•   Deliver an Annual Conference with no negative feedback from delegates by ensuring that the content of the conference is current, informative and of benefit to the membership.

•   Achieve a minimum of 200 attendees (with at least 20% YIPTA representation) and increase the attendance rate at the Annual Conference by 2-5% each year.

•   Source and plan exceptional speakers for the next 3 Annual conferences well in advance.