In-house members & Commercialisation Committee


The objective of the In-House Members & Commercialisation Committee is to raise the awareness, knowledge, and capability of members of the Institute in the strategical management, exploitation and/or commercialisation of intellectual property, and to provide information about in-house practices.

This committee further seeks to build and maintain a collegiate community of in-house members where experiences and knowledge can be shared between members, and which also raises awareness of issues relating to in-house members across the membership body.

The Committee is charged with the following responsibilities:

•   Seek opportunities for topics related to in-house practice such as strategic management, exploitation and/or commercialisation of intellectual property.

•   Seek out ways in which to deliver education on in-house practice matters or commercialisation related topics to the membership.

•   Introduce an in-house practice or commercialisation related item at the annual IPTA conference and seek out international corporate speaker to present on such a topic.

•   Lead or contribute to submissions that require in-house practice or commercialization knowledge and expertise

•   Organise a Corporate Event at the annual IPTA conference, including seeking out appropriate speakers for this event and facilitating the discussion.

•   Organise events for in-house members to come together as a sub-group to share knowledge and experience

•   Update the IPTA website with current and relevant links to resources for the commercialisation of registrable intellectual property rights with a primary focus on small to medium-sized enterprises.

•   Align bodies such as Licensing Executives Society Australia & New Zealand (LESANZ) and Knowledge Commercialisation Australia (KCA) with IPTA to bring additional expertise to the IPTA membership.


•   Introduce at least one IPTA CPE webinar per annum related to the Committee’s objectives.

•   Facilitate a Corporate Event at the annual IPTA conference.

•   Facilitate a Commercialisation/In-house Seminar/Presentation at the annual IPTA conference.

•   Periodically review the IP commercialisation webpage of the IPTA website and update when relevant.

•   Provide opportunities for in-house members to come together and discuss challenges and share solutions.