In-house members & Commercialisation Committee


The objective of the Commercialisation Committee is to raise the awareness, knowledge and capability of members of the Institute in the multitude of pathways for successful commercialisation of Intellectual Property.

The in-house membership is often closer to the commericialisation of Intellectual Property and as such forms a group of particular interest to this committee’s efforts.

The Commercialisation Committee is charged with the following responsibilities:

•   Seek opportunities for introducing Commercialisation topics and speakers to present at IPTA webinars.

   Populate IPTA website with useful links to knowledge and resources relating to Commercialisation.

•   Introduce a commercialisation item at IPTA conference, seek out international corporate speaker to present on a commercialisation topic at IPTA conference.

   Arrange the Corporate breakfast event at annual IPTA conference, seeking out appropriate speaker and managing the discussion.

   Work with Universities to develop appropriate modules around commercialisation for Masters in IP.

•   Align bodies such as LESANZ and Commercialisation Australia with IPTA to bring additional expertise to the IPTA membership.


   Introduce at least one Commercialisation presentation at IPTA webinar per annum.

   Corporate breakfast presentation at IPTA conference.

   Commercialisation item at IPTA conference.

•   Website populated with current links accessing Commercialisation knowledge and resources.

   Provide opportunities for in-house members to come together and discuss challenges and share solutions