The objective of  the Public Relations Committee is to raise awareness of IPTA and IPTA’s views on IP-related matters through media engagement, political lobbying and assisting in drafting of submissions.

The Public Relations Committee is charged with the following responsibilities:

•   Co-ordinating IPTA advertising with the aim of emphasising the importance of using attorneys for IP-related matters.

•   Monitoring the Patent Legislation, Patent Practice, Trademark and Design Committees to stay well-informed of proposed IP-related legislative changes in Australia.

•   Reviewing and assisting in drafting submissions.

•   Liaising with IPTA’s political lobbyist to co-ordinate consultations with the Government, Opposition and Cross-bench representatives, in relation to proposed legislative changes, with a view to ensuring best possible outcomes for protecting IP rights in Australia.

•   Contacting and communicating with relevant stakeholders, such as Australian SME business owners and innovators, to form alliances and assist in drafting submissions as a means of bolstering IPTA’s lobbying efforts.

•   Fielding media queries on IP matters, including legislative changes and judicial decisions.

•   Working with IPTA’s public relations agent in drafting relevant media releases.


The goals of the Public Relations Committee include:

•   The level of IPTA media engagement, including advertising and media releases;

•   Attending lobbying meetings with Government, Opposition and Cross-bench representatives;

•   Contributions to drafting submissions from both IPTA and relevant stakeholders; and

•   Influencing proposed legislative changes.