The objective of the YIPTA Committee is to engage and support members of the profession with less than 5 years post-registration experience as patent and/or trade mark attorneys.

The YIPTA Committee aims to:

•   Encourage YIPTA members to engage with IPTA (in collaboration with the Membership and Future Directions Committees)

•   Promote well being and collegiality amongst YIPTA members

•   Provide opportunities for YIPTA members to engage with IP Australia

•   Provide training for YIPTA members to assist with professional development challenges

•   Engage YIPTA members in community activities


The goals of the YIPTA Committee are to:

•   Provide quarterly social events in Sydney and Melbourne

•   Trial social events in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth (e.g., in collaboration with IPSANZ)

•   Increase participation of junior Examiners from IP Australia in social events

•   Continue to host discussion panel events with IP Australia in Sydney and Melbourne and trial an event in Brisbane

•   Provide education/training in areas of professional development, such as networking, leadership skills and practice development

•   Provide education and support services around wellbeing, including in collaboration with Cyber Clinic

•   Promote physical health initiatives (e.g., running clubs)

•   Increase attendance of YIPTA members at the Annual Conference

•   Continue to provide opportunities for YIPTA members to speak at the Annual Conference

•   Increase YIPTA member participation in IPTA Committees

•   Provide opportunities to give back to the community (e.g., by connecting with local charities)