Diversity and Inclusion

Promoting diversity and inclusion amongst the IPTA membership and the wider profession

  • IPTA recognises that “diversity” includes factors such as members’ age, gender, sex, sexuality, race, religion, politics, disability, occupation, rank and role, parental status and socioeconomic background.
  • IPTA recognises that “inclusion”, in terms of members’ experience, includes:
    • Feeling safe, valued and respected as part of the profession for who they are;
    • Feeling accepted by other members;
    • Having the opportunity to develop their professional career within the profession; and
  • Feeling confident and encouraged to contribute to IPTA and the wider profession.
  • IPTA recognises the importance of, and is committed to, increasing diversity and inclusion among its membership and the wider profession. Practitioners from diverse backgrounds bring a range of unique skills and experiences, which ultimately benefit the profession, our clients and wider community through greater innovation, higher performance, retention of talent, improved practitioner wellbeing and engagement, and lower levels of harassment and discrimination.
  • IPTA will endeavour to promote diversity and inclusion through active leadership, events and education opportunities.  IPTA would like to establish a culture within the profession of openness, trust, and honesty and which recognises, encourages and celebrates diversity and inclusion.  IPTA would like to provide a safe and respectful environment for all members, and the wider profession, free from all forms of discrimination or harassment, and where all members are required to treat each other with dignity, courtesy and respect.

Leading by best practice

  • IPTA will endeavour to establish diversity, inclusion and accessibility as one of its central tenets at IPTA events and activities.
  • IPTA will endeavour to follow best practice guidelines when developing its policies, training and education, in order to best support the ideals of diversity and inclusion.
  • IPTA will collate and provide access to resources in respect of diversity and inclusion, particularly in relation to policies, training and education, in the hope that such resources will encourage its membership to consider relevant issues for example, when making decisions regarding the hiring, retention and promotion of staff.

Respect in all dealings with the broader innovation community

  • IPTA aspires to have a positive impact on the innovation community through promotion of diversity and inclusion among members of IPTA and the wider profession.
  • IPTA will uphold members’ rights to be treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.
  • IPTA will promote an inclusive, respectful and equitable approach to engaging with the innovation community, expecting all members to treat clients, examiners, associates, and members of the wider community with dignity, courtesy and respect.

Recognition of the value of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and traditions

  • IPTA recognises the value of indigenous knowledge and traditions and acknowledges the diversity and uniqueness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and individuals.  IPTA respectfully acknowledges the traditional custodians of lands across Australia where IPTA conducts its business, their elders, past, present and emerging, ancestors, cultures and heritage.
  • IPTA will endeavour to develop resources which advocate for the respect and maintenance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ intangible heritage, indigenous knowledge and traditions, practices and innovations.
  • IPTA will endeavour to elevate the understanding of traditional knowledge and associated IP issues through education and training which support and promote the value in indigenous knowledge and traditions


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Diversity and Inclusion Group (sub-group of Future Directions Committee)


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