The Trade Mark Prize

The Institute is introducing a new prize – the IPTA Trade Mark Prize – to be awarded to a candidate who has shown excellence in the academic subjects leading to qualification as a trade marks attorney and who has shown that they have the potential to contribute substantially to the profession. This is the inaugural year for this prize, intended to acknowledge the significant contribution made by trade marks attorneys to the Institute.

In order to qualify for the Prize – candidates must be registered Australian trade marks attorneys who were registered in the period between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2019 and must be working predominantly in the trade mark field.

The Prize will be awarded to a candidate who, in the view of the Institute Council, most clearly demonstrates the qualities required in a recipient of the Trade Mark Prize.  The candidate must be nominated by two Fellows of the Institute and provide supporting material.  This material should include details from the candidate and supported by the nominating Fellow as to why the candidate is a deserving recipient of the Trade Mark Prize and is required to include examples. It is important to note that this material, together with the academic results, is significant in assessing the prize winner.

The recipient of the Trade Mark Prize is announced at the IPTA Annual Christmas Lunches and awarded during the IPTA Annual Conference .  The successful candidate will receive a commemorative medallion and cash prize of AU$2500.