How to Apply

To apply for membership, please complete the digital form available on the Membership Portal.

Your application form will require a IPTA Fellow or IPTA Fellows to support your application (see note), please let them know they will receive a digital form to complete.

Note the following for each application type

Student: must be signed by a Proposer who is an IPTA Fellow

Ordinary & Overseas: must be signed by a Proposer and a Recommender being 2 individual IPTA Fellows

Fellow: must be signed by a Proposer and 2 Recommenders being 3 individual IPTA Fellows

Once the proposal has been received, it will be presented at the next Council meeting for approval.

If you are unsure which membership category you should apply for, please refer here, or should you not know any Fellows who can propose you for membership, contact the Secretariat, or (03) 9639 4377, for further assistance.