Prescribed Subject Groups

The nine topic groups required by the relevant Commonwealth legislation for registration as a patent attorney or a trade marks attorney are all listed below:

Group A – (A1) Legal Process and (A2) Overview of Intellectual Property

Group B – Professional Conduct

Group C – Trade Marks Law

Group D – Trade Marks Practice

Group E – Patent Law

Group F – Patent Practice

Group G – Drafting of Patent Specifications

Group H – Interpretation and validity of Patent Specifications

Group I – Designs Law

The successful completion of topics A, B, C and D will enable a candidate to seek registration as a trade marks attorney in Australia.

However, in order for a candidate to seek registration as a patent attorney, the successful completion of all the above topics must be demonstrated.

The above topic groups are covered in post graduate courses in intellectual property accredited by the Trans-Tasman IP Attorneys Board which are currently available at the following Australian tertiary institutions:

Monash University (topics A to E)

University of Melbourne (all topics)

University of Technology, Sydney (all topics)

Queensland University of Technology (topics A, C, E and I).

Exemptions from any topic may be available if a topic of similar scope and standard has been passed. For example, the topic of Legal Process (A1) may have already been completed as part of a law degree. However, practical experience alone is not sufficient for an exemption to be granted.

The Secretary of the Trans-Tasman IP Attorneys Board may be contacted as follows:

The Secretary
Trans-Tasman IP Attorneys Board
PO Box 200
Telephone 02 6283 2345
Facsimile 02 6285 1048

Information concerning any exemptions and the approval of academic qualifications can be obtained from the Secretary of the Trans-Tasman IP Attorneys Board.