Through the generosity of our membership, IPTA offers a complimentary initial consulting service to IP creators and users.  This service provides a 30 minute free preliminary consultation with a specialist Patent or Trade Mark Attorney with the appropriate legal and technical expertise.  The IPTA consultation service is not a free advice service providing advice on how to solve a specific IP problem, but the attorney will be able to provide a cost estimate for providing specific advice.

This level of consultation is usually sufficient for users to gain an initial overview of how the IP system can best be used to support their business objectives including a range of suitable options, timelines and indicative costs.

To make use of this service, please follow the link below to “find an attorney”, based on location and legal specialisation.  This will give you a list of IPTA members from which you can refine your selection and book an appointment directly.

The vast majority of members support IPTA’s free consulting service.  However, you should explicitly confirm that this is the case and clarify that this is the service you wish to make use of, when booking your appointment.

If you have any difficulties at any stage, please contact the IPTA Secretariat on (03) 9639 4377 or by email to