Privacy Policy

IPTA is not bound by the Privacy Act 1988 or the Australian Privacy Principles but nevertheless chooses to handle the personal information of its members in accordance with this privacy policy.

IPTA collects the contact details of our members, as well as the contact details of others on our mailing lists. We collect this information in order to facilitate communications with members and other interested parties in connection with developments in the field of intellectual property, the activities of the Institute and related matters which are relevant to and necessary for our functions and activities.  Sensitive information is only collected with the consent of the individual.

IPTA also collects the contact details of other people we do business with (including people we deal with in government departments and agencies, or in our external service providers). We only use this contact information for the business purpose for which it is collected.

We take such steps as are reasonable to protect member information from misuse, interference and loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We may use member information to contact members directly in relation to surveys, questionnaires and enquiries relevant to IPTA’s administration and management.

Personal information may be disclosed to third parties such as technical support providers.  It may also be provided to third parties for direct marketing purposes but only where we consider that there is a potential benefit to the individual in receiving a marketing communication.  Members will always have the ability to opt out of direct marketing communications as required by law.

IPTA maintains a contact database in order to manage our dealings with you (e.g. to contact you for the purposes of providing you with intellectual property updates and other information from time to time). Unless you tell us otherwise, we will continue to use the contact information we have about you in this way.  We will take reasonable steps to keep member information up to date, and we will not retain member information when it is no longer required in connection with its original purpose of collection.

You may request access to any personal information which we hold about you, and you may advise us if you have a complaint about IPTA’s privacy practices, by contacting us at any time at

IPTA reserves the right to store personal information outside Australia.  This may include the transmission of personal information to third party service providers who in turn may store that information outside Australia. IPTA will take reasonable steps to ensure that an overseas recipient holds personal information in a manner consistent with the Australian Privacy Principles but is unable to guarantee that there will be no data breach involving the overseas recipient or that an enforcement mechanism will be available to the individual in any given overseas jurisdiction.

For further information regarding compliance with the Act, visit the Privacy Commissioners Website.