Education Committee


To provide educational opportunities for our members to maintain and build upon their knowledge and skills as patent and trade mark attorneys.  To assist members in meeting their continuing professional education (CPE) requirements.

•   Maintain relationships with the Universities offering qualification courses for IPTA membership to facilitate information sharing and to enable award of Institute prize.

•   The education relations committee is charged with the following responsibilities:

•   Meet regularly with the representatives of the Universities offering qualification courses for registration as a patent & trade mark attorney

•   Deal with issues arising from the use of members of IPTA contributing to practitioner led courses held by the Universities

•   Develop a relationship with the professional standards board to keep abreast of any issues


To provide at least 10 educational presentations per year, which are to be delivered on-line so that all members can access them, regardless of location.  The presentations will each be around 1 hour in duration and include:

•   topics relating to patents;

•   topics relating to trade marks;

   topics relating to Australian and New Zealand law and practice;

   topics relevant to the general practice of patent and trade mark attorneys;

   at least 1 hour of subject matter relating to ethics;

   as required, updates on any legislative changes in Australia.

•   Advertise, assess applications, propose winner and award Institute prize

•   Advertise, assess applications, propose winner and award Malcolm Royal Prize