The objective of this committee is essentially to be responsible for two key areas for IPTA:

•   The financial aspects of IPTA, and financial issues in general for the profession: and

•   Responsibility for the conduct of the secretariat

The financial aspects of IPTA include matters such as salaries within the secretariat, and also control and authorisation of expenditure on equipment within the secretariat. It involves approval of the budget for each year, the budget having been drafted within the secretariat. It also involves approval of the auditor and signing off of the audit which is conducted each year.

The financial issues in general for the profession involves comment on any fee changes proposed by the Patent Office, and review of the fee structure in general

The responsibility for the conduct of the secretariat essentially relates to addressing the concerns of the secretariat and providing support where needed. The convenor of this committee is to be the first port of call should issues arise, including looking at staffing levels, staff replacement and working hours/conditions


The measurable goals relate to making sure that the work is done, that is the budget is kept up to date, monitored and the audit is completed. Other aspects of the financial duties tend to be on an “as needs” basis, that is, comment on any fee adjustment if proposed by the Patent Office

The responsibility for the conduct of the secretariat may be measured by the satisfaction as to whether all needs are being met, and responsiveness to any issues if and when they may arise.